Six girls, one tent, weird noises and a dream about cauliflower and broccoli.

So my family and I go to this Christian Family Camp, we’ve gone for as long as I can remember.
It’s a great time, we get to see old friends, the people we only see once a year or so, and make lots of new friends that we will look forward to seeing in years to come. Usually when we go, my sister (Tess) and I stay in a tent with our Mom and Dad (Carrie and Ivan), but this year we decided to stay in a tent by ourselves. Well the plan started out like that… Then we decided that our friend Katie would stay in the tent with us, and then Katie wanted her cousin Miranda to stay in with us as well, and I wanted our friend Bethany to stay with us, but also her niece Tia had come with their family, so she would be staying also. So our plans went from, Tess and I staying in a tent, to… Tess, Katie ,Miranda, Tia, Bethany and I all staying in a tent. Wow, how quickly plans change, it’s a good thing that we were staying in an 8 person tent. Well anyways, the girls weren’t going to arrive until Monday and Camp started on Saturday, so the first two  nights of camp we (Tess and I) had our niece (Kayla) stay in the tent with us. Monday finally came around and Katie, Miranda, Beth and Tia were all there. Well we ate, hung out and talked with our friends, went on a few walks to the nearby lake and sat on the docks, played some cards, told some stories and cracked some lame jokes, then it was time to go to bed. Ah six girls living in a tent for nearly five days. It was going to be one of two things, a wild crazy ongoing party, or well… Perfume wearing chaos. Turns out it was a bit of both. The first night with all of us girls in that tent, we were all ridiculously loud, seriously I don’t know how we didn’t get kicked out of that camp.. We didn’t finally shut up and even think about sleeping until like two something in the morning. Picture this if you will, two queen sized air mattresses, one on the left of the tent and one on the right, and the middle area (normally used for walking space to get in and out of the tent) filled with about ten or more bags. Not abnormally large bags, but good-sized bags none the less. Then at the door of the tent, about 8 or so pairs of shoes, not including the few pairs of flip-flops that there were, also in the mesh pockets of the tent, at the head of each bed, were filled with things like earrings, lip gloss, cell phones, my glasses case, a few packets of cheese crackers, some jewelery and much more, and the beds. Oh we haven’t even gotten started on the bed situation. There were three of us to a mattress. Tess, Katie and Miranda on the one on the left side of the tent and Tia, Bethany and I on the one on the right side of the tent. Tess, Katie and Miranda had  five (possibly more) pillows on the bed, two sleeping bags, one to lay on and one to cover up with, and then three or four tangled messes of small blankets draped over them. Tia, Beth and I had three pillows, one sleeping bag  and then about five huge blankets to cover up with. Tess, Katie and Miranda seemed to all stay relatively warm through out the night, and all of them managed to stay on the bed. Tia and Beth had no problem keeping warm or staying on the bed either, I on the other hand…… wasn’t so fortunate. I was cruelly shoved off the bed by Beth and Tia in their sleep, luckily I managed to grab a blanket to cover up with and had my duffel bag for a pillow (I almost froze by the way). Then in the morning when the girls were all sleepily stretching and I was trying to remember how I’d manage to get my head near Miranda, Katie and Tess’s bed, Beth and I remembered some things from the previous night. Beth told what she remembered first, “So I had this dream” she said “I went to this restaurant to get like a burger or something, ya know just something good to eat… well anyways I ordered something to eat and drink from the menu, like a burger and coke and the waitress comes out and brings me my sammich and its this pile of Cauliflower and broccoli on a sandwich and water. She sets it down in front of me and I’m like WHAT IS THIS??? I DIDN’T ORDER CAULIFLOWER… OR BROCCOLI, I’M NOT EATING THIS. GROSS!!!!, then I tossed the food on the floor and kept yelling and stuff, then I woke up..” All of us girls started laughing so hard at Beth’s bizarre yet comical dream. It could have been because we were still slightly tired, but I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. Then I told them what I thought was also a dream from the night before…. “I heard like gurgling noises, I think it was actually someone talking saying this like “gurgle gurgle brrble ennnn BERTHA!” Of course it had to be a dream, who in the world is Bertha anyways?? well the girls laughed pretty hard, Tia harder than anyone else. Once she finally stopped laughing at me she managed to say “That was me!!!, I must have been talking in my sleep, I call Bethany Bertha, jus cause its silly.” Phew I wasn’t entirely crazy. I knew three things for sure, One that I was going to fight with all of my strength to stay on the bed for the rest of the nights at camp, and two Beth and Tia are really entertaining when they are sleeping and third Last of all, make sure you really love the people who you are going to be sharing a tent with. Because if you don’t really like them and can’t stand them for long periods of time…. well then camping with them might not be such a good idea. 🙂

He’s super.

In my family, my nieces (Kayla and Sarah) and nephew (Tyler) call my Mom and Dad (their grandparents) Nona and Poppy. Nona means Grandma in italian or something and my niece Kayla just decided to call my Dad Poppy when she was learning how to talk. So a while back my dad hit a deer with his car (he wasn’t hurt) but the Deer on the other hand didn’t make it… Anyways my Mom announced it at church, and just told people to watch out for deer because they like to jump out at you when you are least expecting it (which is pretty much any time, because who plans for a deer to randomly jump out at them???) So after church my nephew Tyler who is 3 years old came up to his Dad (my brother Kevin) and said “Poppy got hit by a deer?” and Kevin said “No Tyler *Poppy* hit a deer” and Tyler said “why would he do that?? He just went up and smacked it??” and Kevin trying not to laugh out loud said “no Tyler, he hit it with a car” and then Tyler said “WOE, Poppy can lift a car?? Cool!” Ah that kid makes me laugh so much, but when I was his age I thought that my Dad (Tyler’s Poppy) was invincible and could lift cars as well. I’m still not convinced that my Dad doesn’t have super powers, although I’ve never actually seen him lift a car, but he is inhumanly strong when it comes to opening jars, fixing cars, and killing spiders. Yep, blog readers, He’s a Super Dad and a Super Poppy. =)

I fall in style. ;)

When I was seven years old or so I was discovering that a lot of the kids in my neighborhood were trying to ride their bikes one-handed. As in only one hand on the handle bars, only ONE! It was awesome, and I just had to figure out how to do it, I had to. I’d already learned how to ride a bike without training wheels ages ago, pfffft that was childs play, I was doing much more mature things like learning how to ride on pegs and one-handed. Oh yes, I was going to be pretty amazing. So I asked my friend if I could borrow her bike, it was the coolest bike I’d ever seen. It was blue with a little white basket on the front and a bell on the handle bars and it even sparkled if the sun caught it at the right angle. I was definitely going to learn how to ride one-handed, and I decided that I might as well do it in style. She was more than willing to share her bike with me, plus it was for a good cause. I was learning how to ride one-handed, what could be more important than that??? Maybe nothing except for riding no hands, but only the really crazy dare devils in the neighborhood did that and they were not seven years old, they were ten years or older. They were the big kids, and we left the crazy life threatening stuff to them. I knew though that I was going to master the art of riding one-handed, I just knew it. So one beautiful summer afternoon I went outside and put on my helmet which was slightly too big for me, but it was going to have to do for the time being because I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of me learning to ride one-handed. So after I’d strapped on my helmet I mounted the bike, like a proud soldier mounting a horse. I put on a brave and determined look on my face, I was going to stay cool, not let any of the kids that had gathered in the parking lot to watch this see that I was scared. I put my hands on the handle bars and had one last look around the crowd of seven-year olds and I saw the friend who had let me borrow her bike and she smiled encouragingly and gave me the thumbs up. I of course being much too calm and collected and focused on the task at hand just nodded politely to her. I pressed my feet on the pedals and I was off, I was still riding with both of my hands on the handle bars, but not for long. I’d soon show all of those kids how cool and experienced I was. So I did a few circles with both hands on the wheel, then the time had come. I lifted my right hand from the handle bars and I kept going smoothly and steadily. “HA!” I said to everyone “Look at me, I’m only using one hand, you jealous?” They smiled fake smiles, but I knew deep inside that they were jealous of my awesome biking skills. So I rode around for a bit with just the one hand on the handle bars and then came back, I didn’t want to make the kids in the neighborhood feel too terribly bad for what I could do and they probably couldn’t. I wasn’t cruel. Well one of the boys in the crowd of kids was a big bully, so he said “pfffft that’s nothing, I learned how to ride one-handed like five weeks ago, its olddddddd news.” and I not wanting a tarnish on my cool kid reputation stupidly said “Oh yeah?? Well I bet you can’t ride no-handed, but I can.” and with an evil smirk on his face the boy said “well boys and girls I think she’s just making it up so lets see if she can really do what she says she can, hmm??”. Just then my sister (Tess) came outside to play and she saw all the kids in the parking lot grouped in a circle around me and the bully boy. She walked over and easily made her way through the crowd, now I say easily because she was about a head taller than all of the other kids, myself included. “What are you guys doing??” Tess asked “I’m going to ride no-handed” I said quickly and then sped off before she could stop me. I heard her shout “NO, DON’T DO IT!!! I’M TELLING MOM ON YOU, HEYYYY LISTEN TO ME!!!! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN!!! ugh MMMMMOOOMMMMM!” So I rode around the parking lot with my old news one-handed biking skills and then I mustered every bit of courage I had and took both of my hands off the handle bars. First the right then the left. Yes, yes I was doing it!!! I was riding no-handed!! Well readers I rode no-handed for a grand total of about 10 seconds then I ran over something in the parking lot. It was a stick, a tiny little pathetic stick. Well that tiny little pathetic stick lodged itself in the front tire spokes and.. the end result was the bike flipping over and launching me off of it onto the hard pavement. I wasn’t hurt at all, I was just startled and had the wind knocked out of me when I hit the ground. I was kinda dizzy and had slightly blurred vision for a few seconds, but I could see just enough to make out a fast-moving, clothing mismatched girl with fiery red hair racing towards me at an inhumanly fast pace. Before I know it the mismatched girl came into focus and I saw that it was my sister Tess. She got down on her knees and scooped me up the way a shovel eagerly scoops up winter snow to carry it safely away from the street or drive way it has chosen to inhabit. By then I could breathe just fine and my vision wasn’t blurry what so ever, and it was more than a little embarrassing to have my older sister cuddling me like a newborn child. “Get off, get off me you big weirdo, letttttt me goooooooo” at this time Tess felt it was necessary to rock me back and forth and “soothingly” say “it’s ok, its o k we’ll getcha in to Mommy, just hold onto me its o k.” I wasn’t a violent child mind you, but at this time I wanted to aim a nice punch straight to her kisser. I squirmed and squirmed and squirmed for what seemed like an eternity and finally I was free of her grasp. Greattttt now I had to face all of the kids in the neighborhood. They had all formed another circle around me right when I landed on the ground. I stood up and readied myself for their insults that I thought were inevitably coming. Bully boy was first to speak. “That was..” I winced waiting for his words as he took a dramatic pause, “AWESOME!!” I couldn’t believe his words, had he not been in the same parking lot as my crazy over protective sister?? “Yep you are cool, oh and that’ll make a gnarly scar by the way” he said pointing at my knee. “wha??” I said looking down and for the first time I saw my knee. I’d skinned it pretty bad and it was bleeding quite a bit through my torn pants. “Heh ok guys well I’d better go clean it up, see you all later” Much too my sadness my mom made me throw out the both very dirty and very shredded jeans when I came inside to have her inspect my knee. After she’d looked it over she said one of the worst sentences that a mom could possibly utter “we’d better go put some peroxide on it mk?” “AHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT PEROXIDE NOO! TAKE THE JEANS I DONT CARE, TAKE ANYTHING JUST NOT PEROXIDE !!!” Mom smiled at my ridiculous ranting and said “hmm as tempting as that is you still need to have this cleaned out so you might as well come on and get it over with quickly.” Well readers my Mom managed to clean up my knee and bandage it up without me dying from the pain, and bully boy was quite right, I still have a “gnarly scar” on my knee. Looking back on this memory I think pfffff those kids may have learned how to ride one-handed and no-handed, but none of them could fall off a bike quite as good as I did. =)

All things Tess. =)

Dear readers, as you may know (if you have read some of my earlier posts) Tess is my sister. She has beautiful red hair, which she insists isn’t red at all, but brown. Despite the fact that she is about 3 years older than me, we are the best of friends. Sure we fight as any sisters would, but at the end of the day no one makes me laugh quite like she does. She loves meeting new people, cowboys in particular, she wants to own and run a ranch when she gets married, she enjoys going to Fairs and Rodeos, she’s always loved the color red, in fact so much so that her family nickname is indeed “Red”. She has an odd obsession with left-handed people, nothing creepy mind you, it’s not as if she hides in bushes and snaps pictures of them when they walk by or anything, but she’s always just been fascinated with people who are left-handed. She loves country music, all things country in fact, one summer we
had a family reunion in Wyoming, I thought she was going to faint or something when we got there. She absolutely LOVED everything about the place. We stayed in Wyoming at a K.O.A. camp
site. She loved seeing the hills and the sky, somehow the sky is just bigger in Wyoming. Probably because there isn’t always trees blocking the view, as is in Oregon, where we have lived all our life. Tess was born in Oregon, She enjoys small towns, with only a few hundred people, I think she would absolutely adore living in a town where almost everyone knew each other by name. Tess doesn’t care too much for having a pet, but she very much enjoys seeing animals in the wild. One summer on the way to our camping destination in Coos Bay Oregon we stopped at an elk viewing area, and Tess decided that the elk weren’t being entertaining enough, so she started trying to get their attention with some “Elk calls” as she put it. Well her so-called “Elk calls” consisted of her waving her arms up and down like she was on fire or something and yelling high-pitched sounds like “Oo-ee-oo-woo-ahh” and “Boo-le-loo-la-la-le loo”. It was quite entertaining for my family and I, but the elk couldn’t care less. Well this would not do for Tess, it just wouldn’t. So she decided to change tactics, no more silly “Elk calls” this was serious business and clearly just doing that was not enough to get their attention. So she cupped her hands around her mouth and said “Hey you stupid elks and elketts DO SOMETHING, don’t just lay there, MOVE!!!!!!” Well to no avail, the elk still didn’t care, at least not enough to move. Tess wasn’t too happy, but it was the most fun I’d ever had at the Elk viewing place. Then another summer on another trip we were staying in a Yurt and the camp ground was plagued by terrible beasts known as… Raccoons. They would leave their nasty little paw prints on our cooler which we were smart enough to tuck under our picnic table at night, also
their paw prints would be on the hood and roof of our car. Anyways Tess found them to be adorable, (yuck) she thought that their beady little eyes and creepy little paws were so cute. So she would grab things like pre-sliced cheese and grapes and stuff and would try to get one Raccoon in particular to come and eat out of the palm of her hand. It was ridiculous, because who knew if they had rabies or not??? Well Mom quickly put an end to that and Tess was disappointed, but she still said special goodbyes to the Raccoons before we left to go home. Aw, Tess makes me laugh so hard sometimes. When Tess and I were little my Mom would make us clean our room (for good reason too, it was terrible) and she would set a timer for a whole FIVE MINUTES, FIVE MINUTES. What was she trying to do to us, make us DIE from over-exhaustion? Whew well Tess came up with this fantastic idea to get the room clean in record time. We had a unique closet, our closet connected with our Mom and Dad’s closet, a fact that we sort of forgot seeing as we never used that door to get into our Parents room. Well anyways Tess’s amazing plan was that we would stuff one half of the junk that was on our floor into our closet and the other half under our bed. OH MY GOODNESS, my mind was blown, what an amazing plan, GENIUS really. So we stuffed as much as we could fit into the closet and the rest we shoved under our bed. So when the timer went off and my mom came in to see how well we’d done, her jaw dropped and she said “Wow, the room looks great girls, where’d it all go??” Pfffft what did she think we were, rookies? We so weren’t going to tell her, and then she did something that could potentially ruin alllllllll of our hard work. She walked into the room and put her hand on the door knob of our closet, just rested her hand there and turned her head towards us and with a smile on her face said “Are you suuuuuuuuure that you don’t need another five minutes to… Re organize all of the toys that You’ve so neatly put away?” Tess and I hung our heads and reluctantly said “Yeah probably”. Smiling still my Mom patted us on the head and left the room. Well we weren’t going to give up that easily, we were going to play it cool, We’d get out the few toys that we wanted to play with and then shove the stuff from the closet under our bed, so that way nothing would topple out onto the floor if Mom decided to open the closet. We finished just as the timer went off, and Whew it was HARD work. Mom came in and said “Nice job girls, the room still looks nice and clean, but where are the toys?” “Oh no” Tess’s eyes seemed to say as she looked at me “what if mom somehow knows that we still didn’t put the toys away, the way we were supposed to??” Mom went to the closet and put her hand on the door knob, it was looking as if our plan was going to work, YES!! Although Mom didn’t open the closet door, she just turned around and smiled again and said “Next time I won’t set the timer” Well Tess and I couldn’t believe our luck, but Mom wasn’t finished talking “I think you two will do much better with no time limit, you’ll just stay in here until the toys get put away, in their RIGHT places.” Then she walked out. Again Tess and I hung our heads this time in pure defeat, Mom won. We wouldn’t be getting out of cleaning our room anytime soon. See readers its memories like those ones that make me smile and remember why I love Tess so much. She’ll always be by my side, We’re like Batman and Robin. I’d like to say I’d be Batman, but I just don’t know what I’d do sometimes without her. She’s my Super Hero. =)

Recent Events that make me smile =)

Recently a group of kids from churches in Nevada came down to perform for our Church in Oregon. They did quite a fantastic job, they did Poetry, Singing and Preaching. Once they’d finished we had some time to just hang out before they left. The guys decided to play football out in the parking lot, well I don’t know if you’d really call it playing football… They just tossed the football back and forth and attempted to catch it and not hit any of the cars in the parking lot. Well my sister (Tess) not really feeling like throwing or catching the football at the time was watching from the sidelines and talking with some friends, when one of the boys from Reno Nevada (Kenneth) started talking with my nephew (Tyler) who is only 3 years old. Kenneth and Tyler were talking about random things, mostly football and football related topics because that is what was interesting Tyler most at the present time. Tyler would ask to throw the ball and Kenneth would toss it to him and they would go back and forth, it was really cute. Then when Kenneth was looking through his pockets for things to show Tyler, he found these shiny rocks, which he told Tess were rock candy. Tess at certain times being pretty much just as gullible as 3-year-old Tyler believed Kenneth without almost any hesitation, popped one in her mouth. She got this funny expression on her face, it was twisted in a sort of disbelief and also disgusted look. Kenneth already barely suppressing a grin, burst out laughing and said “You just put a rock in your mouth” I almost didn’t catch what he said because he was laughing so hard. Oh boy did Tess feel silly telling her 3-year-old nephew that she had just put a rock in her mouth. So I suppose the moral of the story is, never trust boys from Nevada. 🙂 No, no, I’m just kidding, just try to avoid ones that want to feed you rocks. =)

Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

I apologize if you weren’t able to view this during the last blog tour, it was posted into the wrong blog. I hope You’ll enjoy reading about it now. Thanks ~ Amy

I really enjoyed this book. I thought that the characters were all fantastic. The Creatures were magical and fun. The story drew me in right on the first page. It was as if the author used the words in this book as a rope and when I started reading I got pulled deeper and deeper into the adventures waiting on the pages. Reading this book, my imagination ran wild, the possibilities were endless. I always enjoy reading a book that pulls me in and opens doors to new creatures and ideas that bloom with a mix of the authors words and my imagination. I read about Dragons, Bisonbecks, Ropmas, Kimen, Wizards, a talking parrot and so on. I think its a gread read for people of all ages, from imaginations just starting to form and grow to those that have been growing for quite a while. If you enjoy adventure, excitement, danger, courage, mystery, magic and so much more then I think you will enjoy Dragons of the Valley as much as I did.

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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Winter Memories. :)

In the winter of 2008 or 2009, one of the two.. My sister (Tess), best friend (Bethany) and Me decided to stay at our other best friend (Katie’s) house. Her family owns about 20 acres of land, plenty to adventure and search for the best hills to go sledding down. So after having several snowball fights and taking turns pulling each other on the sled down the road, we found the perfect hill for sledding. So we positioned the sled, and got the camera ready to capture the excitement. Bethany and Katie decided to go together first, so they did and managed to slide up and over the bump on the hillside and get a few feet of air. After all of the giggling had died down, it was now Tess and My turn to go. We on the other hand wanted to avoid any extra time off of the ground. It was fun, we didn’t go very fast though, I was grateful for that. I didn’t really want to go very fast in the first place, but it was just fast enough. Then we couldn’t decide who should go next, they all concluded that I should go, and try it by myself. Ah!!! boy oh boy was I nervous. I wished that someone would go with me but they all decided that they wanted to go by themselves from now on.. So it was just going to be me. Just me. Now after Katie, Bethany and Tess reassuringly told me how I’d be fine, I decided that I was going to do it. I nervously sighed as I tried my best to psych myself up, it was going to be ok, fun even. Then I felt myself receive what Tess called a gentle push and I was off. Racing down the hill, I kept hearing this obnoxious wailing noise, not the sound you hear when someone is in pain, but when someone is scared, a muffled and almost choked sort of noise. Well I was gliding smoothly and just decided to ignore whoever was wailing like a dying cat, things were going fine, I was even enjoying it… a little. Well I had forgotten about the bump on the hill. I felt the sled picking up speed as the hill grew steeper slightly and with a loud ” whoosh” noise, the sled went over the bump. I felt my curled up legs leave the sled and at that moment I realized, it was me. I was the one wailing like a dying cat, and the sound coming from my lips only got louder when I didn’t land on the sled but on the cold snowy ground. AH!!!! This wasn’t sledding, this was falling, and I was doing it fast, before I knew what hit me I was spinning in circles and rolling over bushes, only to stop, landing on my face in the snow. Thinking back now it was probably pretty comical to watch. That was it though, I was done…. no more sledding for me. So after the other girls went down the hill a few more times we decided to leave the sled there and go walking around in the snow, we went a little ways and found a pond that Katie’s older brothers (Josh and Tim) sometimes went to in the summer time with my older brother (Mark). It was more of a big puddle really, only about 15 feet wide and 3 feet deep or so, but it was frozen over and looked sturdy enough to walk on. We walked onto it cautiously and it held us all without even a small crack. So we danced around on it as if we were skating, and took a few pictures, well Katie and Tess decided that we should stomp on it and break it. Bethany of course went along with the idea being crazy as she was, I on the other hand wasn’t so sure….. So I stood in the snow a few feet away from the pond, not wanting to be on it when it returned to its former state as a large puddle. So they counted to 3 and all started jumping up and down like mad. Well Bethany managed to crack the area where she was jumping without problem, so her job was finished. Tess and Katie weren’t so lucky, the area they were standing on, being the middle was stronger and harder to crack then the rest. So they jumped even harder and wilder than before, and finally it gave and broke completely. They were pretty happy, but as the last little bits of it were cracking Katie slipped and managed to pull Tess down along with her, and they both ended up getting soaked. Bethany still being in the pond got splashed but nothing near as bad as Tess and Katie. They looked like cold wet rats. I could not contain myself, I burst out, laughing so hard and long that my eyes started watering and my stomach started aching. They had been so excited about breaking the Ice, not even thinking about the fact that they would more than likely get wet. Wet they most certainly did get. After I managed to stop laughing I noticed Tess in between shivers glaring at me, and I said “soooooooo was it worth it?” and she said smiling “pffffffffft chyah!” Who knew that the little ways that we had walked when they were dry would turn into such a long walk back to Katie’s house. I enjoyed every bit though, stifling giggles as I listened to the squeak slosh squeak slosh of their feet all the way back to the house. 🙂

Aw, memories. =)

Recently I was going through some old notebooks, diaries, and journals of mine and I came across a very interesting story that brought back a funny and painful memory. It all started at my best friend Bethany’s house. Her parents had just bought a trampoline, and boy oh boy were we excited. So I was at her house just about every saturday and we would jump and jump and jump to our heart’s content. Well one day we were particularly excited because Bethany had finally perfected her cart-wheel on the grass and learned how to do a front flip on the trampoline. So we decided that we would go out and jump for a while and she would show me the front flip and then when we were done she would show me the cart-wheel, sounds like a pretty decent plan right?? So we went out and Bethany said “ok I’ve only done it about twice but I’m pretty sure I could do it again.” So I asked her if I should stand on the porch and watch it, and where she would like her 1 person audience to be. Well she told me that I could sit on the trampoline so I could see it up close, so I said “ok” and I did. I got comfortably seated at the edge of the trampoline, eagerly awaiting an awesome front flip. So Bethany got herself psyched up and said “ok I’m going to count to three and then do it ok??”So she did… one jump, two jumps, three jumps and then BAM, her heel came flying straight into my face! I don’t really remember much after that, I’m pretty sure I either blacked out from the pain or was knocked unconscious when my aching body went splat on the grass. So after about an hour when I stopped whining and complaining and Bethany had got me some chocolate ice cream  from her freezer, she decided it was time to show me the cart-wheel, to cheer me up. So again I asked “where should I sit to watch?” and she said “you can stand in the kitchen and I will do it in the living room ok??” Now I’m sure you are asking yourself why I didn’t take the time to pause and put on full body armor as a precaution, and my only reply would be to say, because my ice cream would have melted in the time it took to get all that stuff on. So I walked over to the kitchen and had my oh so yummy bowl of ice cream in my hands and got ready to watch Bethany do a cart-wheel. Well I failed to ask where her starting position for the cart-wheel was going to be, which I soon found out was going to be…. wait for it….. in the kitchen!!! So I was contentedly eating my ice cream when BAM, Bethany’s heel flew into my face yet again, only this time I got covered in Ice cream and didn’t have the padding of the grass, instead I fell right onto the cold hard floor, but I didn’t black out or anything. Instead I just threw my hands up and said “NO MORE!!! Find a new audience, I quit! The world doesn’t have enough ice cream or Tylenol for me to watch another one of your cartwheels or front flips of death!!!! Now I was very serious when I said it, but now having both a black eye, a fat lip and ice cream all over me, I looked and felt pretty ridiculous, so much so that we both burst out laughing until our eyes were watering and our sides ached. Now I’m not sure why I decided to write about this, but when I’m having a bad day or something, I read it and tell myself “hey you could have been kicked in the face twice and had ice cream spilled all over you.” 🙂

The clothes are alive!!!

I came home on friday after doing some black friday shopping, and I was exhausted. I hadn’t been out shopping for too long, it was just the fact that I woke up at 4:00 am to do it. I was pretty happy, we (my mom and sister and I) had gotten some very good deals and we didn’t have to stand in line too long to wait for them, only about 20 minutes. Anyways as I was saying I was exhausted, so I took off my many layers of coats and my rain-boots and my bed just looked  so very inviting, I didn’t even mind that I’d be laying on my neatly folded clothes, all I cared about was laying down. So lay down I did, it was not quite as comfortable as I thought it would be though, just something about the way the clothes lay underneath my back, just wasn’t right, but I didn’t care enough to move,  the clothes on the other hand had a mind of their own. They squirmed and kicked with all their might but by then my eyelids were starting to close and I didn’t care if I was laying on my squirming clothes. Just as I was drifting off into a deep and peaceful sleep my clothes took it too far, they bit me on the shoulder, now THAT got my attention, so I turned on the light and realized I wasn’t crazy I HAD been bitten, but it wasn’t my clothes it was my cat Max. You can’t imagine both my relief that my clothing wasn’t alive and the pain in my shoulder from being bitten. Well as you can imagine being half asleep and still exhausted and badly wounded, I showed that cat a piece of my mind. I said, “you big bully you” and did the courageous thing and slept on the couch. Now the point of this whole story is 1 to never trust neatly folded clothes, they could come alive at any second and 2 make sure that they are indeed what they appear to be and NOT a grouchy old cat that will be angry with you for laying on her.