All things Tess. =)

Dear readers, as you may know (if you have read some of my earlier posts) Tess is my sister. She has beautiful red hair, which she insists isn’t red at all, but brown. Despite the fact that she is about 3 years older than me, we are the best of friends. Sure we fight as any sisters would, but at the end of the day no one makes me laugh quite like she does. She loves meeting new people, cowboys in particular, she wants to own and run a ranch when she gets married, she enjoys going to Fairs and Rodeos, she’s always loved the color red, in fact so much so that her family nickname is indeed “Red”. She has an odd obsession with left-handed people, nothing creepy mind you, it’s not as if she hides in bushes and snaps pictures of them when they walk by or anything, but she’s always just been fascinated with people who are left-handed. She loves country music, all things country in fact, one summer we
had a family reunion in Wyoming, I thought she was going to faint or something when we got there. She absolutely LOVED everything about the place. We stayed in Wyoming at a K.O.A. camp
site. She loved seeing the hills and the sky, somehow the sky is just bigger in Wyoming. Probably because there isn’t always trees blocking the view, as is in Oregon, where we have lived all our life. Tess was born in Oregon, She enjoys small towns, with only a few hundred people, I think she would absolutely adore living in a town where almost everyone knew each other by name. Tess doesn’t care too much for having a pet, but she very much enjoys seeing animals in the wild. One summer on the way to our camping destination in Coos Bay Oregon we stopped at an elk viewing area, and Tess decided that the elk weren’t being entertaining enough, so she started trying to get their attention with some “Elk calls” as she put it. Well her so-called “Elk calls” consisted of her waving her arms up and down like she was on fire or something and yelling high-pitched sounds like “Oo-ee-oo-woo-ahh” and “Boo-le-loo-la-la-le loo”. It was quite entertaining for my family and I, but the elk couldn’t care less. Well this would not do for Tess, it just wouldn’t. So she decided to change tactics, no more silly “Elk calls” this was serious business and clearly just doing that was not enough to get their attention. So she cupped her hands around her mouth and said “Hey you stupid elks and elketts DO SOMETHING, don’t just lay there, MOVE!!!!!!” Well to no avail, the elk still didn’t care, at least not enough to move. Tess wasn’t too happy, but it was the most fun I’d ever had at the Elk viewing place. Then another summer on another trip we were staying in a Yurt and the camp ground was plagued by terrible beasts known as… Raccoons. They would leave their nasty little paw prints on our cooler which we were smart enough to tuck under our picnic table at night, also
their paw prints would be on the hood and roof of our car. Anyways Tess found them to be adorable, (yuck) she thought that their beady little eyes and creepy little paws were so cute. So she would grab things like pre-sliced cheese and grapes and stuff and would try to get one Raccoon in particular to come and eat out of the palm of her hand. It was ridiculous, because who knew if they had rabies or not??? Well Mom quickly put an end to that and Tess was disappointed, but she still said special goodbyes to the Raccoons before we left to go home. Aw, Tess makes me laugh so hard sometimes. When Tess and I were little my Mom would make us clean our room (for good reason too, it was terrible) and she would set a timer for a whole FIVE MINUTES, FIVE MINUTES. What was she trying to do to us, make us DIE from over-exhaustion? Whew well Tess came up with this fantastic idea to get the room clean in record time. We had a unique closet, our closet connected with our Mom and Dad’s closet, a fact that we sort of forgot seeing as we never used that door to get into our Parents room. Well anyways Tess’s amazing plan was that we would stuff one half of the junk that was on our floor into our closet and the other half under our bed. OH MY GOODNESS, my mind was blown, what an amazing plan, GENIUS really. So we stuffed as much as we could fit into the closet and the rest we shoved under our bed. So when the timer went off and my mom came in to see how well we’d done, her jaw dropped and she said “Wow, the room looks great girls, where’d it all go??” Pfffft what did she think we were, rookies? We so weren’t going to tell her, and then she did something that could potentially ruin alllllllll of our hard work. She walked into the room and put her hand on the door knob of our closet, just rested her hand there and turned her head towards us and with a smile on her face said “Are you suuuuuuuuure that you don’t need another five minutes to… Re organize all of the toys that You’ve so neatly put away?” Tess and I hung our heads and reluctantly said “Yeah probably”. Smiling still my Mom patted us on the head and left the room. Well we weren’t going to give up that easily, we were going to play it cool, We’d get out the few toys that we wanted to play with and then shove the stuff from the closet under our bed, so that way nothing would topple out onto the floor if Mom decided to open the closet. We finished just as the timer went off, and Whew it was HARD work. Mom came in and said “Nice job girls, the room still looks nice and clean, but where are the toys?” “Oh no” Tess’s eyes seemed to say as she looked at me “what if mom somehow knows that we still didn’t put the toys away, the way we were supposed to??” Mom went to the closet and put her hand on the door knob, it was looking as if our plan was going to work, YES!! Although Mom didn’t open the closet door, she just turned around and smiled again and said “Next time I won’t set the timer” Well Tess and I couldn’t believe our luck, but Mom wasn’t finished talking “I think you two will do much better with no time limit, you’ll just stay in here until the toys get put away, in their RIGHT places.” Then she walked out. Again Tess and I hung our heads this time in pure defeat, Mom won. We wouldn’t be getting out of cleaning our room anytime soon. See readers its memories like those ones that make me smile and remember why I love Tess so much. She’ll always be by my side, We’re like Batman and Robin. I’d like to say I’d be Batman, but I just don’t know what I’d do sometimes without her. She’s my Super Hero. =)


Recent Events that make me smile =)

Recently a group of kids from churches in Nevada came down to perform for our Church in Oregon. They did quite a fantastic job, they did Poetry, Singing and Preaching. Once they’d finished we had some time to just hang out before they left. The guys decided to play football out in the parking lot, well I don’t know if you’d really call it playing football… They just tossed the football back and forth and attempted to catch it and not hit any of the cars in the parking lot. Well my sister (Tess) not really feeling like throwing or catching the football at the time was watching from the sidelines and talking with some friends, when one of the boys from Reno Nevada (Kenneth) started talking with my nephew (Tyler) who is only 3 years old. Kenneth and Tyler were talking about random things, mostly football and football related topics because that is what was interesting Tyler most at the present time. Tyler would ask to throw the ball and Kenneth would toss it to him and they would go back and forth, it was really cute. Then when Kenneth was looking through his pockets for things to show Tyler, he found these shiny rocks, which he told Tess were rock candy. Tess at certain times being pretty much just as gullible as 3-year-old Tyler believed Kenneth without almost any hesitation, popped one in her mouth. She got this funny expression on her face, it was twisted in a sort of disbelief and also disgusted look. Kenneth already barely suppressing a grin, burst out laughing and said “You just put a rock in your mouth” I almost didn’t catch what he said because he was laughing so hard. Oh boy did Tess feel silly telling her 3-year-old nephew that she had just put a rock in her mouth. So I suppose the moral of the story is, never trust boys from Nevada. 🙂 No, no, I’m just kidding, just try to avoid ones that want to feed you rocks. =)