Aw, memories. =)

Recently I was going through some old notebooks, diaries, and journals of mine and I came across a very interesting story that brought back a funny and painful memory. It all started at my best friend Bethany’s house. Her parents had just bought a trampoline, and boy oh boy were we excited. So I was at her house just about every saturday and we would jump and jump and jump to our heart’s content. Well one day we were particularly excited because Bethany had finally perfected her cart-wheel on the grass and learned how to do a front flip on the trampoline. So we decided that we would go out and jump for a while and she would show me the front flip and then when we were done she would show me the cart-wheel, sounds like a pretty decent plan right?? So we went out and Bethany said “ok I’ve only done it about twice but I’m pretty sure I could do it again.” So I asked her if I should stand on the porch and watch it, and where she would like her 1 person audience to be. Well she told me that I could sit on the trampoline so I could see it up close, so I said “ok” and I did. I got comfortably seated at the edge of the trampoline, eagerly awaiting an awesome front flip. So Bethany got herself psyched up and said “ok I’m going to count to three and then do it ok??”So she did… one jump, two jumps, three jumps and then BAM, her heel came flying straight into my face! I don’t really remember much after that, I’m pretty sure I either blacked out from the pain or was knocked unconscious when my aching body went splat on the grass. So after about an hour when I stopped whining and complaining and Bethany had got me some chocolate ice cream  from her freezer, she decided it was time to show me the cart-wheel, to cheer me up. So again I asked “where should I sit to watch?” and she said “you can stand in the kitchen and I will do it in the living room ok??” Now I’m sure you are asking yourself why I didn’t take the time to pause and put on full body armor as a precaution, and my only reply would be to say, because my ice cream would have melted in the time it took to get all that stuff on. So I walked over to the kitchen and had my oh so yummy bowl of ice cream in my hands and got ready to watch Bethany do a cart-wheel. Well I failed to ask where her starting position for the cart-wheel was going to be, which I soon found out was going to be…. wait for it….. in the kitchen!!! So I was contentedly eating my ice cream when BAM, Bethany’s heel flew into my face yet again, only this time I got covered in Ice cream and didn’t have the padding of the grass, instead I fell right onto the cold hard floor, but I didn’t black out or anything. Instead I just threw my hands up and said “NO MORE!!! Find a new audience, I quit! The world doesn’t have enough ice cream or Tylenol for me to watch another one of your cartwheels or front flips of death!!!! Now I was very serious when I said it, but now having both a black eye, a fat lip and ice cream all over me, I looked and felt pretty ridiculous, so much so that we both burst out laughing until our eyes were watering and our sides ached. Now I’m not sure why I decided to write about this, but when I’m having a bad day or something, I read it and tell myself “hey you could have been kicked in the face twice and had ice cream spilled all over you.” 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ivan
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 16:40:48

    Well, I guess it’s better than a kick in the head. Wait a minute, you DID get kicked in the head! That in itself is a kick in the pants. Am enjoying your blog. Love Dad


  2. becky jesse
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 21:54:37

    lol! Amy I think I have tears in my eyes from reading this!!! thanks for the good belly laugh it gave me!! You have such a great way with words! I love reading your blogs!!!


  3. Cris Jesse
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 05:07:40

    so you and Bethany really do “kick it” 😉


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