Six girls, one tent, weird noises and a dream about cauliflower and broccoli.

So my family and I go to this Christian Family Camp, we’ve gone for as long as I can remember.
It’s a great time, we get to see old friends, the people we only see once a year or so, and make lots of new friends that we will look forward to seeing in years to come. Usually when we go, my sister (Tess) and I stay in a tent with our Mom and Dad (Carrie and Ivan), but this year we decided to stay in a tent by ourselves. Well the plan started out like that… Then we decided that our friend Katie would stay in the tent with us, and then Katie wanted her cousin Miranda to stay in with us as well, and I wanted our friend Bethany to stay with us, but also her niece Tia had come with their family, so she would be staying also. So our plans went from, Tess and I staying in a tent, to… Tess, Katie ,Miranda, Tia, Bethany and I all staying in a tent. Wow, how quickly plans change, it’s a good thing that we were staying in an 8 person tent. Well anyways, the girls weren’t going to arrive until Monday and Camp started on Saturday, so the first two  nights of camp we (Tess and I) had our niece (Kayla) stay in the tent with us. Monday finally came around and Katie, Miranda, Beth and Tia were all there. Well we ate, hung out and talked with our friends, went on a few walks to the nearby lake and sat on the docks, played some cards, told some stories and cracked some lame jokes, then it was time to go to bed. Ah six girls living in a tent for nearly five days. It was going to be one of two things, a wild crazy ongoing party, or well… Perfume wearing chaos. Turns out it was a bit of both. The first night with all of us girls in that tent, we were all ridiculously loud, seriously I don’t know how we didn’t get kicked out of that camp.. We didn’t finally shut up and even think about sleeping until like two something in the morning. Picture this if you will, two queen sized air mattresses, one on the left of the tent and one on the right, and the middle area (normally used for walking space to get in and out of the tent) filled with about ten or more bags. Not abnormally large bags, but good-sized bags none the less. Then at the door of the tent, about 8 or so pairs of shoes, not including the few pairs of flip-flops that there were, also in the mesh pockets of the tent, at the head of each bed, were filled with things like earrings, lip gloss, cell phones, my glasses case, a few packets of cheese crackers, some jewelery and much more, and the beds. Oh we haven’t even gotten started on the bed situation. There were three of us to a mattress. Tess, Katie and Miranda on the one on the left side of the tent and Tia, Bethany and I on the one on the right side of the tent. Tess, Katie and Miranda had  five (possibly more) pillows on the bed, two sleeping bags, one to lay on and one to cover up with, and then three or four tangled messes of small blankets draped over them. Tia, Beth and I had three pillows, one sleeping bag  and then about five huge blankets to cover up with. Tess, Katie and Miranda seemed to all stay relatively warm through out the night, and all of them managed to stay on the bed. Tia and Beth had no problem keeping warm or staying on the bed either, I on the other hand…… wasn’t so fortunate. I was cruelly shoved off the bed by Beth and Tia in their sleep, luckily I managed to grab a blanket to cover up with and had my duffel bag for a pillow (I almost froze by the way). Then in the morning when the girls were all sleepily stretching and I was trying to remember how I’d manage to get my head near Miranda, Katie and Tess’s bed, Beth and I remembered some things from the previous night. Beth told what she remembered first, “So I had this dream” she said “I went to this restaurant to get like a burger or something, ya know just something good to eat… well anyways I ordered something to eat and drink from the menu, like a burger and coke and the waitress comes out and brings me my sammich and its this pile of Cauliflower and broccoli on a sandwich and water. She sets it down in front of me and I’m like WHAT IS THIS??? I DIDN’T ORDER CAULIFLOWER… OR BROCCOLI, I’M NOT EATING THIS. GROSS!!!!, then I tossed the food on the floor and kept yelling and stuff, then I woke up..” All of us girls started laughing so hard at Beth’s bizarre yet comical dream. It could have been because we were still slightly tired, but I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. Then I told them what I thought was also a dream from the night before…. “I heard like gurgling noises, I think it was actually someone talking saying this like “gurgle gurgle brrble ennnn BERTHA!” Of course it had to be a dream, who in the world is Bertha anyways?? well the girls laughed pretty hard, Tia harder than anyone else. Once she finally stopped laughing at me she managed to say “That was me!!!, I must have been talking in my sleep, I call Bethany Bertha, jus cause its silly.” Phew I wasn’t entirely crazy. I knew three things for sure, One that I was going to fight with all of my strength to stay on the bed for the rest of the nights at camp, and two Beth and Tia are really entertaining when they are sleeping and third Last of all, make sure you really love the people who you are going to be sharing a tent with. Because if you don’t really like them and can’t stand them for long periods of time…. well then camping with them might not be such a good idea. 🙂


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