He’s super.

In my family, my nieces (Kayla and Sarah) and nephew (Tyler) call my Mom and Dad (their grandparents) Nona and Poppy. Nona means Grandma in italian or something and my niece Kayla just decided to call my Dad Poppy when she was learning how to talk. So a while back my dad hit a deer with his car (he wasn’t hurt) but the Deer on the other hand didn’t make it… Anyways my Mom announced it at church, and just told people to watch out for deer because they like to jump out at you when you are least expecting it (which is pretty much any time, because who plans for a deer to randomly jump out at them???) So after church my nephew Tyler who is 3 years old came up to his Dad (my brother Kevin) and said “Poppy got hit by a deer?” and Kevin said “No Tyler *Poppy* hit a deer” and Tyler said “why would he do that?? He just went up and smacked it??” and Kevin trying not to laugh out loud said “no Tyler, he hit it with a car” and then Tyler said “WOE, Poppy can lift a car?? Cool!” Ah that kid makes me laugh so much, but when I was his age I thought that my Dad (Tyler’s Poppy) was invincible and could lift cars as well. I’m still not convinced that my Dad doesn’t have super powers, although I’ve never actually seen him lift a car, but he is inhumanly strong when it comes to opening jars, fixing cars, and killing spiders. Yep, blog readers, He’s a Super Dad and a Super Poppy. =)